Szklanka z koszyczkiem - Emilia Becker

Glass with a Plastic Handle is a touching story about the childhood in Poland in the late communist era.

For children who would like to make a time travel to the late 80s in Poland.
For parents who would like to feel like children once again.
Inka, an eight-year-old girl learns that her Dad, whom she admired, has left her and her Mom. This is the beginning of great changes in her life. She and her Mom leave their comfortable, spacious apartment in the suburbs and move to the old, gray block of flats that was built thirty years ago. One day Inka discovers in a kitchen cupboard a glass with a plastic handle (called a basket in the 80s).This is a magic glass. Just one sip and she can make a time travel to the late 80s, the last years of the communist era in Poland, when her Mom was eight years old. This is a journey back and forth. If you drink from any glass with a handle you come back to the present. Inka and her Mom use the magic glass, whenever they want to experience an adventure or escape form everyday problems. Time travels help them to understand (and even change) the past and appreciate what they have.

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About the author
Emilia Becker is a pen name of a writer based in Poland. Under her real name she is an author of several bestselling nonfiction books. Lately she decided to fulfill her childhood dream and write stories once again. Thanks to Glass with the Plastic Handle she made a time travel and hopes that her Readers will experience the same. In her free time she writes uplifting stories and publishes them on her blog: